Earth Hour

On Saturday 25th March between 8.30pm and 9.30pm we will be switching off our lights to mark Earth hour.  Earth Hour is the world’s biggest environmental event (178 countries and territories took part in 2016) where for one hour people, organisations and iconic landmarks across the world switch off their lights to show they want action to protect the planet and prevent climate change. Many schools (5308 in fact) and families participate in Earth hour and this year marks the tenth anniversary.

In preparation for Earth hour we have been having fun with our battery operated tea lights.  Little Man in particular has taken a shine to them, fascinated by the glow.

The girls have been making patterns, waving them in the air

and running them over the carpet.

Earth hour gives an opportunity to come together as a family, away from any electrical distractions, as well as showing support for a worthy cause.  The girls have even made their own lanterns ready for Earth hour and are looking forward to showing their support.

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