Silkstone Shuffle race 1

Race 1 of the Silkstone Shuffle, another local race series to which I decided to enter them all.  This was a race I had heard lots about.  Everyone told me the same thing, it starts with a very big hill so take it steady.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, I mean how big is a big hill?  This hill just went on forever.  Just as you thought it was finished, it started again.  That was a hill.

After the enormous hill at the start the route has a slight decline before travelling up another hill, although less steep and smaller distance.  The weather really wasn't on side and the wind seemed to blow you back down the hill, giving the impression you were using energy but getting no where.

Once these two hills are complete the rest is mainly downhill, although there is the odd incline. The first part of the race I have to admit to really disliking but this second part was much more fun.  Running down country tracks and through fields was much more fun.  It was here I learned the very important lesson that road shoes are no good for mud, and made the decision to invest in some proper off road shoes.  I slid all over the place, and the route back seemed to take forever.

The final part of the route runs along the river and back up into the field.  I was ready for this one to finish, and know next time that with proper shoes I can try a bit harder.

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