SY Road League race 1

The South Yorkshire road league is a series of 4 races, each one taking place on a Wednesday evening at 7pm and at various locations in South Yorkshire.  Each race is 5 miles in total.  The first race was held at Lodge Moor in Sheffield.  This part of Sheffield is famous for hills!  

I was really looking forward to this race, and had the honour of collecting 5 of my team mates to take to the start of the race.  Those bright white lights on the top of horizon are the pub of the start line, and we were directed to park further behind where I took this photo from.  In total it was a mile to the start line, and we had less than 5 minutes to make it. 

I can imagine that in late Spring when the weather is nice that this would be a beautiful route to run.  There were some incredibly steep and winding up hills, but on the same token one of the best down hills I have ever run.  The landscape changed and was varied and there was plenty to look at.  The course was tough, the hills steep but on the same token the buzz at the finish was incredible.

This was one of those races I would love to do again, the pain was worth it.  The team atmosphere was incredible, I think arriving together really helped.  I am just sad that I am missing the next one.  I finished on a huge buzz and simply loved feeling part of a team. 

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