Scooby Doo to the rescue

Keeping three children entertained when out and about can be very tricky.  We often travel on trains to explore local areas, or travel away for a weekend.  I try to pack as light as possible and that also means taking as little electronics as possible too.  There are times though, such as sitting in a restaurant or on a train journey, when you need to have something to entertain the kids.

The Scooby Doo Mystery Mini vehicles are perfect for this occasion.  They are small and lightweight, so I can easily carry them in the changing bag and it means that all my children play together creating adventures for Scooby and the gang to solve.

Even though the Mystery Mini vehicle is aimed at 3+, Little Man still likes to get involved in playing.  I do watch him though.  He is fine with the vehicle, but it comes with a 2.5 inch action figure which he needs careful supervision with.  The girls love the action figures.  They are fully articulated and you can buy extra 2 figure packs, to help create the whole gang [and a few baddies!].  The figures are all designed to work with any of the 3 different Mystery mini vehicle sets.

We take our Scooby Doo vehicle and figure with us on most outings.  Often in restaurants we get other children wandering over to take a look at what the girls are up to.  We have even had Scooby Doo go wandering over to another table, as one little boy took quite a shine to him.  

The Figure packs have a RRP of £4.99 and the vehicles £9.99, which given how well they entertain the children when out is excellent value.  They help spark creativity and imagination and get a conversation flowing between my children.  Watching them all bond and play together is absolutely priceless.  

The figures shown have been sent in exchange for this post, all words are my own opinion 

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