The Yvolution Y glider deluxe scooter : Review

Now the weather is getting a little warmer the kids are wanting to join me more on my runs.  I love taking them with me and exploring the outdoors with them.  They love to be active and outdoors and are always looking for an adventure.  Whilst we spend all our weekends outdoors, our weekday time together is very limited as the girls are at school, so we try to make the time we do have fun.

We have started using scooters on our school run as it makes the journey to and from school much more fun.  The Y glider deluxe is a perfect scooter to introduce to the school run.  It has a unique 'lean to steer' mechanism, which helps my daughter to steer correctly.  The footplate is lovely and wide making it a perfect choice for younger riders, it gives them confidence to glide and enjoy scooting.  With size 12 feet at 4 years old, my youngest had no problems getting both feet onto the footplate and scooting to school.

The girls wear helmets when out on their scooters, and always school shoes or trainers.  We talk about busy roads and the safer places to ride scooters.

The wheels on the Yvolution Y glider deluxe helping the younger riders balance and gain confidence.  My youngest is very confident on the Y glider deluxe as the scooter seems a lot more stable than other similar scooters.

Getting outdoors now the summer is coming is a great way for kids to get active and explore.  Scooting is such a fun way to spend some time together as a family and a great way to see some of the local area.

I love that as I am running the girls can use their scooters alongside me, it means we get to see some fantastic places together.  There is a huge range of scooters and balance bikes available from Yvolution, something perfect for every child.  Why not get out and explore with your children this summer and see what treasures you can find in your local area.

The scooter mentioned was sent for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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