Review : My Little Pony GoGlow Magic

As we travel I like to keep the same routines for the girls, especially at night time.  We have had problems with this in the past as some of the things the girls have at night have been too big and bulky to take with us, particularly when we go camping.  The My Little Pony GoGlow Magic light is perfect for use at home and when out and about.

The My Little Pony GoGlow Magic light is a three in one, night light, projector and torch.  Which means it takes up less room on a bedside table.  The whole unit is small and portable, and is light weight.  My 1 year old son has no problems carrying it around.  There are also no wires, making it much safer on the bedside of my very clumsy 5 year old daughter.

Rainbow dash when taken off the base has an LED light underneath.  Shinning just bright enough for my eldest to read in bed, or for my youngest to use as a torch as she sneaks around the house at night! Rainbow dash is the perfect size for little fingers to hold and is very light weight.

When Rainbow dash is placed back on the base the base changes colours, with very soft lighting and a projected imaged is displayed behind her.  For children that like the projection at night time this is a lovely feature.

The My Little Pony GoGlow Magic light is a wonderful addition to any My Little Pony fans bedroom, and can be used both at home or when travelling.  It is incredibly light weight and portable.

This item was sent for review all words are my own opinion 

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  1. Hello :) I am considering to buy this for my 4 year old. But i Wonder if the light stays on all night, or if it automatically shuts of after a given time? She have been waking up at nighttime, and turning the lights on. So i am looking for a light that stays on and hopefully improve the sleep :)


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