Project Mc2 - New range

I have wrote a few times on the blgo about Project Mc2.  The girls who make smart the new cool.  Making Science, Engineering and maths fun for girls [and boys] with a whole new range of Project mc2.

A few months ago I wrote about the new doll range from Project Mc2.  We have now managed to get our hands on one to take a look.  The dolls have jointed limbs making easy movement possible and come as a good representation of their on screen character.  Each character comes with its own science kit.  We have Ember and she comes with glitter tattoos.

The tattoos are easy to make up and the girls had lots of fun doing so.  Unfortunately my camera cannot pick up the shine, so it looks like a bare piece of skin.  I shall save the embarrassment of uploading said picture.  The experiments are great fun and such a great way to introduce children to science without them actually realising it!

In addition to the dolls with science experiments, Project Mc2 have also launched a spy bag!  The spy bag contains everything you need to be a spy, and in some cool disguises.

There are 15 different items including a magnifying glass, secret light, testing kit, finger print kit, voice recorder, a decoder and the ability to send secret messages.  You can also download an app to really test your spy skills.

The spy bag from Project Mc2 is simply great fun.  The girls not only get to use their imagination by pretending to be detectives, but they also get to learn about science as they try to find fingerprints or solve clues.  I personally think this is a brilliant idea and a great way for children to start with an interest in science early on.

The spy bag is very girly however, I might have liked to have seen some balance between encouraging girls and been very pink but it does stay in keeping with the other project Mc2 range.

Items mentioned were sent to be included in this post.  All words are my own opinion. 

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