SY Road League Race 3 and 4

I missed the second race in the SY road league as I was on holiday.   The third race took place at Brodsworth.  

I landed from America the day before the race and was incredibly jet lagged.  In fact all I can remember about the race is how tired I felt.  I cannot remember the route, I have no idea how my legs got me round and I can remember several of the volunteers asking me if I was ok and needed to stop.  I was driven to the race by one of my friends and team mates, and taken back home again.  I think I fell asleep in the car? I am actually surprised I did not fall asleep part way round.

Race 4 however is a different story.  I wanted a PB on this race.  I hadn't recce the route before hand, but I had checked it out on strava and on google maps.  I planned and knew what pace I needed and where to get a PB but I knew I was going to have to run faster than I had before [slightly funny as that generally what you have to do for a PB].

The race started in Penistone and after a short run around the houses, with some slight up and down hills it was off into the fields.  I had divided the route up into sections.  The first was to the house on the corner and was a slight to moderate uphill.  I got the pace I had planned and it was going to plan.  Next was the turn into the long steep uphill.  

It was here that disaster struck, first I got cramp.  I got cramp because I was trying to keep my shoe on my foot as it had come loose.  I started to walk to see if I could walk it off, before running again.  I then lost my shoe.  I stopped at the next marshall point to put my shoe back on and continue up the hill.  The problem I have with hills is that I get bored.  Looking at the same stretch of tarmac just continually going up a hill I got fed up and ran/walked a bit.  Eventually the top of the hill came.

I knew now the rest of the race was downhill and so I ran.  I love downhills.  I started passing runners, those who had run up the hill so quickly and those who had passed me whilst I tied up my shoe.  I then spotted my team mate in the distance and my focus became to catch her up.

I ran down the hill past the fields and back into Penistone.  The gap was closing and I could see her getting closer and closer.  Just before the finish is a steep hill back up to the finish line, and I lost a bit of time here but I pushed on into the finish line.  I finished with a PB and needed another 10seconds and I would have caught up with my team mate!

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