Review : Headphone Hats

I took a photo of my eldest daughter recently and I had to double take, she looked so grown up in it and almost teenager like.  She was sat on the sofa watching her computer with her headphones on.  I was reluctant for ages to give either of the girls headphones.  I was worried about damaging their ears and the direct audio played into them, but the headphone hats eased my fears.

The headphone hats are limited to 85 Db, meaning they are safe for little ears [over the age of 3].  I like that they are not directly placed into the ears and the headphones are within the hats.  They can be removed so the hat can be washed in the machine.  I also do not hear any outside noise so I know the noise level is appropriate.  

On our recent trip to Florida the girls took the headphone hats with them to use on the plane. 

The headphone hats are breathable so the girls did not over heat on the plane.  They did not get hot and sweaty whilst wearing them and sat comfortable with them on for the majority of the 9 hour flight.

 The headphone hats are comfortable for the kids to wear.  Both girls sat with them on for the flight and even wore them by the poolside in Florida!  As a parent I feel reassured the volume is limited so I know that their ears are protected.  

Headphone hats are loved by both girls, they love the My Little Pony design and how comfortable they are to wear. 

This product was sent to us for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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