The School run

I like to arrive early for races.  Just so I know I am there, I can park and then I can settle any pre race gitters.  It was not to be for the School run.  I got horribly lost, had to park quite a way away and my ankle was still causing me grief.  The plan was to take it steady.  I had no trail shoes so were in road, and I think that was a mistake.  

I hadn't calmed down properly before the race began so hadn't focused into run mode, so to speak or perhaps it was the fantastic scenery but either way I was more interested in taking photos than I was in racing.  I was happy plodding along and looking at the wonderful views.

I bumped into a really lovely lady just after I took this photo who was struggling with an injury.  I am a runner who will always stop for another, rather than chase a PB, so I stopped to see if she was OK.  I promised to keep her company, or annoy her dependant on your view point, for the rest of the route.  Which is what I did.  We took it at her pace and ran/walked the rest of the way.

The time wasn't pretty, I have no idea what it was, but it was so much fun.  Having a laugh and taking in the views I felt pretty lucky to be there!  I cannot even describe the route as I was just taking in the surroundings. 

I would love to go back and do the school run again one day, I cannot express that feeling when you looked out and saw the views in front of you.  The hills were worth it just for that!

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