Hull 10k 2017

What a scorching hot race.  Blue skies and the sun beating down for the entire course.  Runners all trying to run through any bit of shade they could just to cool down, but at the same time one of the most enjoyable 10ks I have done for such a long time.

I had set off early to Hull knowing that the A63 was closed and a diversion was in place.  I am so glad I did because the magical mystery tour of Hull added an extra 30 minutes to my journey.  Pre race information had given clear instructions where to park, which made life easy, and great directions on the short walk to race area.

At race HQ I grabbed a free protein drink before joining the queue for the pre race toilet dash that all runners seem to do.  My mind was away with the fairies but two of my team mates saw me and said hello and we stopped for selfies.

This had to be one of the few races were people were not eager to get into the starting pens.  The starting pens were in full sun, in the heat.  Instead we all stood huddled in the shade of two tall buildings until the last possible second.  I decided to join the back of the 1hr pen.  Not wanting to push it, my only priority was getting round the race without collapsing from the heat!

The route starts in the city centre and heads out towards the Humber.  First the route winds in and out of a housing estate.  I have never run a route before where at every point there was someone stood cheering.  Every part of this course had a person cheering, waving and shouting encouragement.  The people of Hull did themselves proud.  I was so grateful for not only the support and encouragement but also people with hose and sprinkler systems! The water made a refreshing change! 

After running round the houses, we ran along the waters edge and there was a lovely cool breeze coming across the water.  I knew half way was fast approaching as I spotted the Deep on the horizon.  From here we began to make our way back into the city.  The route back in different to the route out, and spotting the 1hr pacer on the other side of the marina gave me a bit of a boost.  

As the course came back into the city centre I could feel the excitement of the finish line.  The route turned the corner and I could see the finish line.  I looked up and could see the clock. 1hr 4min 40secs.  I knew I had started at 5mins, so I had less than 1 minute to get over that finish line to get my first ever sub 1hr.  I simply sprinted, which in all honesty was stupid given the heat but also really hard to do with runners everywhere.  I could have gone a little faster, but I gave it my all in the conditions.  I crossed the line just as the timer ticked over to 5 minutes.  

I completed the Hull 10K in 1hr 5seconds.  Just 5 seconds off a sub 1 hour!  One day it will be mine, but given the conditions I am super pleased with that and it is still a PB!

I would have loved to have stayed and soaked up the atmosphere, but I had a very important date to make.  A 5km run an hours journey away with an inspirational lady who had run a 5k every day for 100 days.  I could not miss the chance to run the final 100 with her!

I am super pleased with my Hull 10K race, even if a little gutted by those 5 seconds.  Next time I will get them!

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