A weekend of running and fun

Last weekend was simply amazing!  

Every Saturday starts with a parkrun for me, unless it is race day and this Saturday was no different.  The girls wanted to join me in my duties as tail runner and so they came along with me.  We were greeted with gorgeous blue skies at Nostell Priory and headed for our pre race briefing.  

I love running Nostell parkrun and volunteering there.  The views as you run around or walk around are just fantastic, especially with the sun shining.

My youngest really was not feeling the run, but my eldest kept zooming ahead.  There was only one way to reward all their hard work, an ice cream!

The girls went to see Grandma and I had a nice steady run to meet some friends to run with Emily and her #PeoplePowerRun challenge.  It was such a lovely afternoon run with some great company.

Sunday was race day and I awoke with aching legs, not the best start to a race.  The last time I completed Leeds 10K was in 2015 and the morning of the race I had discovered I was pregnant with Little Man.  I was excited and nervous to be doing the course again.

Leeds 10K is a fast course, mainly flat except from a lovely hill at 9km.  The roads are closed and really well marshalled and supported.  It is an out and back route starting in the city centre and running along Kirkstall road before heading back into the Headrow.

It was an incredibly hot run and I was grateful for the water stations at 4k, 7k and 8k.  The water spray and sponges also went down a treat.  I once again ran at a comfortable pace, not wanting to pass out, and my plan was to keep the 60 minute pacer behind me.  Just past the 6km mark you turn around to head back into the city and it was here I noticed the gap between me and the 60 minute pacer.  I kept up the same pace and at 8km took the first glance at my watch, 44minutes.  I worked out I could do this so began to push.  

Whilst I couldn't quite manage a sprint finish I did work really hard in the final 1km and came away with my first ever sub 1 hour 10km.  A new PB of 55.57 and one which nearly a week later I am in shock over!

With a free medal engraving on offer I had to get my medal engraved before a celebratory drink!

I love the runners high it is such an immense feeling and becomes very addictive.  I could not sit still so took the girls, Little Man and J for a walk into the woods.  I had Little Man on my back so we could explore and J ran with the girls.  I loved watching them play and use their imagination.  Exactly what childhood should be about.

It was such an incredible weekend and one which is going to take some beating.  I even managed to have 3 children asleep at a reasonable time!

This day I love a weekend of running and fun

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