A toddler morning by the sea

My eldest daughter had such a busy social life as a baby.  We did everything from baby massage, to baby yoga and baby sign.  My youngest daughter then attended all the same classes as her sister, as they were so close in age. Everything her sister had done she did, and more often the girls did it together.  For some reason Little Man has not been to any classes.  We do the sign classes at home but he shows little interest.  I do baby massage on him, and whilst we attempted a toddler group once he just didn't seem that interested.

I do love to spend time with him.  I love watching him as he plays or tries to work something out.  We were invited to a toddler morning at Scarborough SeaLife and given Scarborough is my favourite place I could not refuse.  I was looking forward to spending some quality time with Little Man outside of the house too!

Little Man was a bit shy at first.  I do wonder if he realises there are other small people like him in the world.  After a while he came round and we sat on the floor colouring pictures in together.

Stories and singing followed and Little Man took the opportunity to chill, you can tell he was feeling much more relaxed!

The lady who ran the group was fantastic.  You could really tell she loved children, incredibly animated and really passionate.  The children really fed from her energy too and got involved.  The stories, songs and colouring all had a sea creature theme to them.  Each element linking together and the older children in particular seemed to hang on each word.  It was certainly a fun hour and after a spot of lunch Little Man and I then ventured into the centre to have a look around.

My favourite part of the SeaLife centre is the penguin walk through.  We visited when this first opened, and many times since, and we love how the penguins are so inquisitive.

As well as all the wide variety of sea creatures to look at there is also a playground, which Little Man took the opportunity to burn off some steam.  Well you can't pass a slide and not go down it.

Little Man did spot the sea and want to go play, but we didn't have enough time as we needed to get back to pick his sisters up from school.  I loved spending the day with him.  Watching him learn and play.  I loved watching him chill out listening to all the stories and songs.  It really was a lovely day out.  I think if Scarborough was closer we would visit every week, but the nearly 90minute journey there means we shall save it for occasional visits. 

We would like to say a big thank you to SeaLife Scarborough for inviting us to visit.  We had a wonderful day.

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