Review : Facts! One for every day of the year

Did you know that Cardea was the Roman goddess of door hinges?

Did you know that the ancient Greeks gave patients a shock from an electric eel during childbirth to numb pain?

I am greeted most mornings by my eldest daughter running in to see me to tell me the fact of the day.  To say she has really taken to this book would be an understatement. A new fact every single day and so far she has learnt so much.

As part of her school project work this term she has been learning about ancient Egypt.  She sits and looks through the book to find facts about ancient Egypt to tell her friends at school.  So far she has learnt that the Great Pyramid is more than 4,500 years old and one of the few seven wonders that can be visited.  I think her favourite fact is that the most expensive pizza cost £2,150. 

The book is wonderfully illustrated by Fatti Burke and the illustrations bring to life each fact.  The pages are brimming with colour and characters and it is very eye catching making you want to read each page. 

On some dates the fact happened on that particular date which gives an additional element of extra excitement.  This is such a wonderful hardback book and would make a perfect gift, one that is sure to last.

The book Fact! was sent in exchange for a review, all words are my own

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