Review : Schleich Croco Jungle Research station

The girls love imaginative play.  They love their Schleich figures and creating adventures.  Recently the girls were sent the Croco jungle research station by Schleich, and they were keen to create an adventure.  First though we had to build the station.

The Croco Jungle Research station took around 15 minutes to build but the instructions were clear and easy to follow.  Each piece was easy to fit together and nothing was too fiddly, in fact it was actually simple to build.  The girls helped, assembling trap doors and filling chests with gold coins.  As you would expect with Schleich everything is of exceptional build quality and could withstand a 5 year old attempting to fit pieces together.

The croco jungle research station is quite large when built and does take up most of my coffee table, the advantage is though that there is plenty of room to play.  The girls started making up their own individual stories whilst intertwining with each others imagination.  My youngest got the vet van and brought it over to the research station to aid her sister who had captured a crocodile!

The quality and detail on each piece is simply amazing, and I think it is down to the amount of detail that sparks such creativity.  The animals look realistic, even Little Man has begun to recognise animals from his Schleich animals.  There is so much care to attention to detail, photos cannot do each piece justice.

The Croco jungle research station as 3 areas that can be played with independently or together.  The crocodile rock has an upper jaw that can be opened, closed or removed.  Inside the jaw is a hiding place in one of the teeth.  The back of the skull can also be removed to reveal a hidden treasure chamber.  The Crocodile rock can then be clipped to the viewing platform.  In doing so the secret trapdoor leads into the treasure chamber.  This is then linked to the house.  A ranger and scientific equipment come with the set, along with 4 animals, and the girls use the house as the rangers house.  The third piece is a pen.  The girls open the pen up and use to capture crocodiles.  The pen can be placed near the house or further away.

There are so many ways that the Croco jungle research station can be played with.  The girls can play their own games but still interact with each other.  Little Man is often given an animal to play with.  It is rare that you can find something that can entertain 3 children of such varying ages.  The Croco jungle research station would make a perfect gift.

We were sent the croco jungle research station in exchange for this post.  All words are my own opinion. 

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  1. Wow, that jungle research station playset looks fabulous! I'd forgotten how detailed are Schleich figurines and - it would seem - their accessories are of a similar standard. :)


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