A fundraising up date

Earlier this year I applied to Meningitis Research Foundation for a London Marathon charity place.  I had always said I wanted to run London marathon for them, after they provided such amazing support when I had meningitis.  I was beyond thrilled when I got the email telling me I have a place, in fact I still cannot believe it and think any second now someone will tell me otherwise.

I have a target of £1,800 to raise before the London marathon and rather than look at this as one huge sum I broke it down into much smaller chunks. I set myself the goal of getting to half way by Christmas and as of today I am at 70% which is just amazing.

I had always planned at the half way point to say thank you to those that had helped me get here and I really could not have done it without the help of family and friends.

So to all those people who donated items for me to sell on various car boots thank you so much and thank you to everyone who bought something from one of the many car boot sales

For all those that donated items for the raffle, thank you and thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket

Big thank you to Kingstone Runners for allowing me to hold a raffle

To Pen Heaven thank you for donating a writing gift set for the raffle

Every person who has joined up to the Winter is coming challenge, you are all superstars. I have loved seeing your posts each day and hearing how it has kept you motivated through winter. Entries are still open to anyone who wants to take part. 

Thank you to anyone who has bought a medal hanger, I hope you are displaying your medals with pride.

Big thank you to anyone who has donated money of any amount, it is really appreciated. 

Every single friend and family member who has helped me, or listened to one of my crazy ideas. Thank you!

Finally a huge thank you has to go to Les Cadeaux who have let me bounce crazy ideas off them at random times in a morning. Hosted tea parties, kids parties and more. Balanced coins on lemons, guessed sweets in jars and had a collection tin on the desk. I could not have got this far without them. Please do give their Facebook page a like and if you are near by call in and be creative!

I have a craft fayre next week which my amazing friend [who I won't name just in case she gets embarrassed] has been helping and making loads of wonderful crafty items. 

In the New Year I have a few more ideas to hopefully get me passed target! 

Please feel free to donate as every amount really helps. My story is also on the link if you want to read why Meningitis Research Foundation means so much to me.

Thank you!

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