Review : Smartmax magnetic discovery

I laid the brightly coloured chunky Smartmax pieces out for Little Man to play with after his nap. The large chunky colours grabbed his attention and he toddled rather quickly over to investigate these new shapes.

In the box, then out the box, then in the box and out the box. Then he discovered that some pieces slot together.

click. Then pull apart, followed by another click.

Little Man was enjoying this. The chunky pieces the perfect size for a toddlers hands to grip. The animal shapes capturing his imagination as he made random animal noises, followed by asking me 'this' he says pointing at the animals.

He carefully matches up each colour. Not wanting to mix and match even though he could. Everything carefully thought out before he attempts the next move. 

Sometimes though the pieces didn't go click. Little Man looks at me confused. After a thinking for a little while he turns the piece round. Click. 

I have loved watching Little Man play with the Smartmax My first safari animals set. I love watching him trying to work out why it won't click together and his thought process in turning the pieces around. We build the animals together and have used the set to talk about animals and also talk about colours.  It has been a great introduction to both. His sisters like to line the animals up in size order too, which has been another topic of discussion.

Smartmax is a wonderful way to introduce the concept of magnets to children but it has also provided us with other discussion topics. My eldest at 7 is asking more in depth questions regarding magnets but we can still use the Smartmax pieces to demonstrate. Little Man just loves connecting the pieces together. I cannot wait until he discovers that due to the magnets in the pieces he will also be able to make them stick to other surfaces too!

The Smartmax My first safari animals set has certainly been a hit in our house. I have a feeling we will be buying other Smartmax kits to extend our building!

This item was sent for the purpose of review, all words are my own personal opinion. 

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