For advent this year

Every year for advent I choose items to put into the girls advent calendars. They have a handmade calendar which I fill with different items. I prefer this as I can opt to give them chocolate on some days and on others treats or gifts. The girls enjoy it too as each day is something new, and they know those little notes mean they get to unwrap a present.

This year the girls have 7 books in their advent calendar to unwrap, along with chocolate, some hand made play dough, tree decorations [they get one every year with the year on] and a very big surprise on Christmas eve [I cannot say as it is a secret!]. I can however tell you all about the wonderful books they have.

Bonkers about Beetroot by Cath Jones and illustrated by Chris Jevons

I have a feeling the girls are going to laugh at this book. A book which uses the word Bonkers on nearly every page and also features a huge pile of manure is sure to make them giggle. Plus there is a rather funny surprise at the end too!

Daddy and I by Lou Treleaven and illustrated by Sophie Burrows

When I read this book I absolutely loved the flow of the rhyme which tells a beautiful story between the bond of a Father and daughter. In fact that is perhaps the only word needed to describe this book, Beautiful. Everything from the story, the way it flows to the illustrations which are all just beautiful. A perfect bedtime story for the girls.

Bears Don't eat egg sandwiches by Julie Fulton and illustrated by Rachel Suzanne

I think my girls might relate to this book, especially my eldest, given how fussy an eater she is. It is a rather comical story about a very fussy bear. A bear who does not eat egg sandwiches, I wonder what he does like to eat?

Game of stones by Rebecca Lisle and illustrated by Richard Watson

The girls are already familiar with Pod from the story Stone underpants. Pod's little brother Hinge is bored so he sets about to make the best game ever. I thought he had it with Crackit to be honest! The illustrations really set the story alive.

Beware the mighty bitey By Heather Pindar and illustrated by Susan Batori

The Mighty Bitey are a little bit cheeky and a little bit cunning and also more than a little bit hungry. Will their plan succeed though? I think the girls are going to find the ending to this story rather amusing.

Rooster wore skinny Jeans by Jessie Miller and illustrated by Barbara Bakos

I love this book. A book that teaches about self-confidence and that it is more than OK to be you. Written so beautifully and with absolutely perfect illustrations to tell the story, I cannot wait until the girls unwrap this book so I can read it to them. 

Pirates in Classroom 3 by Alison Donald and illustrated by Ben Whitehouse

Any child who reads this book, and likes pirates, I think will be secretly wishing they got to have the same adventure. Classroom 3 have to help the pirate find the buried treasure, are they up for the challenge?

I cannot wait until the girls wake up in the morning, as their first 'door' is to unwrap a book. I have the books in a random order and they choose which to open. I cannot wait to see what it is!

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  1. Wow that sounds amazing! Thank you for choosing Daddy and I and I hope they enjoy it!


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