Party Hard, Train Harder Challenge for Teenage Cancer Trust

The Teenage Cancer trust are asking people to party hard in December and Train harder in January. They have set the challenge of 10,000 steps every day for January. 10,000 steps according to google equates to around 5 miles. 5 miles a day for January, challenge accepted.

Now not content with this challenge I have decided to up it a little bit and instead of 10,000 steps complete 10K every day in January. Tough challenge but I think I can do it. That is 31 days of running 10km. I might take this on in various forms, maybe splitting up my runs in a day, some treadmill running and some training but every day the total amount of my running will be a minimum of 10km.

Of course if you want to join me in 10km a day I would love your support, and I am sure the Teenage Cancer trust would appreciate your support. If you don't fancy my version of the challenge you could still take part in 10,000 steps every day for January. 

I hope to see you in January for the challenge!

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