A helping had from SteamOn

January seems to be flying past, yet I have only just unpacked from our holiday in December and tidied up from Christmas. I still have more to do but the vast majority has been done. Life is just crazy busy. 3 children to look after, 1 dog, a house, a blog, and a photography business not to mention the marathons and ultras to train for this year. Things are just busy.

Ultra training has had to take place over the housework, often doing my long run and then staying up late to tidy/clean up. This year alone I am at the 200km mark, which to some may not seem a lot but to me is a significant increase from last year. Then again it has to be done, the 30 mile race this Saturday won't be easy and I don't want to injure myself.

With all this a helping hand is sometimes needed, especially when it comes to the housework. For me that comes last on my list of things to do especially the ironing. I simply don't have time during the day. It is an accident waiting to happen if I got the hot iron out whilst Little Man was awake, and when my kids are finally asleep I am just too tired to iron or I have work that needs to be done instead.

SteamOn is a newly formed ironing business based in Wakefield, about 5 minutes from Junction 39 of the M1, and they got in touch to see if they could do some ironing for me. Imagine my delight at the email. Almost as good as winning the lottery, well for me anyway. I jumped at the opportunity and arranged to take my ironing to them one Saturday morning.

Laura, the owner, was more than welcoming and by Monday evening I received an email detailing 3 hours worth of ironing and that I could collect my ironing from them or they would deliver. Given I was in the area anyways I opted to collect. My clothes were professionally handed back to me, crease free and those that could be hung up were on hangers and others neatly folded in the laundry basket I had delivered them in.

All my clothes had been beautifully ironed, no creases and no burn marks and I also received all my items back again. Quick and simple. This was just the helping hand I needed. I had dropped off over 20 items which included 2 shirts, school uniform, party dresses, jeans, trousers and jumpers. Some tricky to iron items and some much quicker items. Each one had been ironed to a high standard and I have no issues or complaints about the service. At £15 an hour I would also say the cost is reasonable too and given the amount of items I dropped off, and the fact a lot were time consuming items I am very impressed at the turn around time and the amount of time taken on each item. 

Now I know where SteamOn are based and how easy they are to get to I shall certainly be using the service again. Especially when training increases for the 50 mile ultra later in the year! If you do contact SteamOn please make sure you mention you saw this blog post!

Thanks to SteamOn, all words are my own opinion. 

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