Ultra training with Sole

In May last year I damaged the ligaments in my left ankle. In all honesty running has never been the same on it since. Twinges and the odd pain here and there. Longer runs especially would cause a lot of pain in my foot. I held back on some runs knowing that the pain would appear later and it was really starting to worry me.

This year is a big year for running and training. I have, so far this year, 2 Ultra and 4 marathons booked. Whilst I am looking forward to the challenge I am also aware of the amount of miles that need to be put in with training and with that comes a sense of worry over my foot and causing further injury.

I have had gait analysis done and know I am in the right shoe, the issue is a previous injury that causes niggles. I wasn't sure what to expect when I received my pair of Sole Footbeds. I wasn't sure if they would make any difference to my running. They felt hard and inflexible and given I need cushioning due to the way my foot strikes the floor, I was dubious as to the difference they would make.

What a difference they have made though. Sole Footbeds mould to your feet. You can do this either by heating them in the oven, or by wearing over time. I chose to wear them, as I did not trust myself to put them in the oven. They have moulded beautifully to my feet and now I don't even notice them. More than this though after several longs runs the pain has disappeared completely. The first few runs I did I noticed the pain was still there but substantially less, and now 2 weeks later it has gone. What is interesting is that if I run without the Sole Footbeds in place I can tell straight away and the pain returns.

As Sole footbeds provide custom support they can also reduce plantar fascia strain, encourage good alignment of the feet and lower legs, improve balance and provide natural, shock-absorbing heel support.  SOLE Active Footbeds gently lift your arch into its optimal position. I am in shock at the difference it has made to me. My only issue now is I need at least another pair so  I don't have to keep swapping them between my different trainers!

Thanks to Sole for sending a pair to review, all words are my own opinion. 

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