February Running update

February was a rather strange month. February begin with me counting down the days to our holiday to the Caribbean. I knew I had to get through the first weeks of training before I could take a break and relax in the sun. First I had to tackle Mickleden straddle.

I had really tired legs from the Ultra and struggled with the race. There was a strict cut off at 10km and one I knew would be tight on a flat course and with fresh legs. I really struggled. The cold weather didn't help. I saw runners turning round and my friend was one of them. I stopped to try and help. After trying to comfort my friend I continued up the hill. Hitting the check point and then discovering I was 2 minutes over the cut off point. I was not going to stop and no amount of been told I couldn't continue was stopping me. Eventually I was given the go ahead to continue.

I made up time and passed other runners as I went. Slipping in the snow and ice. I lost feeling in my toes and hands. My legs and ankles were really hurting from the number of times I fell over. I might have been one of the last to finish, but I finished. I made up places and finished. I can tick the race off my list.

I was now into the final week before the holiday. It was the final push. My legs hurt, my body wanted to rest and I knew I only had a few days left to go.

The final run before I went on holiday was spot on the training plan and whilst I was feeling tired I was also feeling good about how training was progressing.

The plan over the holiday was to rest and relax. I couldn't resist a steady run around the ship. It is such a beautiful way to start the day and the watching the sun rise over the Caribbean is incredibly beautiful. 

The girls and I managed another run around the ship later in the week. My youngest daughter speeding off and impressing everyone who she passed. Upon arrival at Disney Castaway Cay I disembarked the ship to take part in the Castaway Cay 5km.

The route is an out and back but the loop in the middle always confuses people and you have runners heading in all directions. The heat was intense and I struggled. Pleased I managed to complete the run but also concerned I struggled with the distance.

The week had gone far too fast and whilst I left feeling relaxed, I didn't want to leave the ship.

We landed on Sunday and it was straight back to training. Monday was club run and it was a very jet lagged run. My body wasn't sure what time it was. I was cold and tired. I found the run very difficult and I wished I had taken more time to get used to the time difference and temperature.

Tuesday I went out to try track and half way through I abandoned the run. I had no speed in my legs and was feeling tired and sick.

I made the decision not to go to club on Wednesday and instead focus on the long run on Thursday. 

The run was a disaster and half way through I had to rung a friend to come and pick me up. My whole body was shaking and ached. I had a headache and I felt run down. The shaking continued into Friday and by the weekend I was full of cold.

Whatever virus I had took a few days to leave and to increase a force rest from running the snow came, causing a snow day. The end of February saw snow, and me wondering how I would fit training in and would I be able to complete the marathons?

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