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As a family we love to travel and we are incredibly lucky to have visited some amazing places. The girls love to explore and discover new cultures and places. Little Man it would seem is also picking up the travelling bug.

I have many memories of travelling with all three of my children as babies. I also have many memories of them trying to get comfy on the plane. My eldest at 8 months visited Dubai. I remember her not wanting to stay in the sky cot and her sweaty hair sticking to my arm as she squirmed to get comfy to sleep. My youngest daughter having an almighty meltdown on the entire flight home from Spain because she wanted her own space to sleep and couldn't get comfy laid on me. It was one of those moments I am waiting for the video to appear on YouTube, she was having that much of a meltdown.

When Little Man was smaller he seemed to like to curl up in your arms to sleep. He would get very hot and sweaty throughout the flight but he seemed to like the contact. As he has gotten bigger he wants his own space to get comfy but still wants to hold hands as he sleeps. 

Skybaby recently got in touch to see if we wanted to put one of their travel mattresses. The Skybaby mattress is suitable for babies aged 0-2 years, I knew Little Man would be at the very top end of this as he would be a few weeks away from his second birthday at the time of travel. However I would be able to tell from experience how the Skybaby would work for a younger infant.

Skybaby can be used with or without the infant seat belt. This makes it perfect for keeping the seat belt fastened when needed and removed the need to disturb your child when the airline staff need to check if the belts are fastened. Skybaby is lightweight and fitted perfectly into my hand luggage. It took up minimal space meaning I still had room for all the essentials needed on a long haul flight. There is no assembly needed, so it can be used straight out of your hand luggage.

The Skybaby mattress sits between you and your child and the sides can then be wrapped around your child keeping them cosy on the flight. The Skybaby stopped Little Man from getting too hot against my arm, so his hair didn't go all sweaty. He also found it much easier to get comfy than lying on my lap on the plane. [It is very difficult to take a photo of a child sleeping on your knee on a plane with your phone]

One of the great features about the Skybaby is that it can be used anywhere, not just on the plane. So when Little Man wanted a nap at the airport, I could use the Skybaby mattress whilst I sat and held him. 

I really wish we had had the Skybaby when the girls were younger. I think it would have stopped lots of the tantrums that occurred because the girls were struggling too get comfortable or getting too hot from resting on my arm. I found it much more comfortable having the Skybaby there too, as the mattress moulded and was much softer against my arm making the situation more comfortable. 

Whilst Little Man is now too big for the Skybaby I will be passing it onto our friends who also like to travel, as I can see it making their flight experiences much more comfortable. 

Skybaby was sent for review, all words are my own opinion 

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