Bring back the outdoors with Little Tikes

When I had the email to confirm my London marathon place my Mum and I decided to make a weekend of it and have some fun with the children in London. The question is what to do with 3 children the day before I was due to run a marathon. A rather timely email from Little Tikes was the answer. A day out playing in the outdoors.

Given the recent weather I was a little apprehensive when I replied saying yes but we actually had a wonderful sunny day, and in fact could not have wished for better weather for playing outdoors. Little Man got stuck in straight away with all the water play, and surprised himself when water came tumbling from above.

His sisters kept trying to trick him to stand underneath as it was about to tip but he seemed to always dodge at the last second.

Water play was followed by warming up with cuddles before exploring more that Little Tikes had to offer.

I would have thought the girls would have each had a scooter and Little Man a trike but instead all three went for the Cosy Coupes! Little Man found a Monster truck one, which we could not get him out of!

We followed the Little Trikes trail around the beautiful gardens, the children all in their Cosy Coupes.

By the side of the lake the girls found face painting

They both sat patiently and loved the finish results!

Little Man didn't want his face paining so busied himself with the sand table whilst he waited for his sisters.

Time seemed to go very quickly and before we knew it it was lunch time. Little Man discovered that a plate fitted nicely on the back of his truck and so he stayed put for lunch. The best seat in the house! 

After lunch it was time for even more water play in a pirate boat themed water table, complete with pirates! 

 His sisters decided to make cakes, can you work out what they made?

We all had a wonderful day and were the last to leave. It was such a brilliant fun day that the girls were disappointed when I told them it was only for today. They kept asking to go back! I think it was the perfect way to spend the day before the marathon, thank you Little Tikes for inviting us to Bring back the outdoors!

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