Water play fun in the garden

The second we get home from the school run Little Man stands by the kitchen door and shouts 'outside'. He loves playing in the garden, running around, smelling the flowers and of course playing in the mud! He has so much fun and I love playing with him. The garden has become even more exciting recently with the addition of a bright coloured water play table from Step2.

We have had the water table inside recently, only instead of water I placed lots of bright coloured balls inside it. Little man loved it and used the handy 'leap pad' to bounce balls all over the room. The nice weather has now meant we can take the table outside and put water in it in addition to the balls I added.

The table requires minimal assembly when it arrives, it took me less than 5 minutes to assemble. Once built it is actual quite stable and robust as my son at 2 years old keeps climbing into it without any issue. As well as the table you also get a frog, which squirts water, a flower shaped scoop and two rubber ducks!

The frog can leap in from the side on the lily pad or slide down the slide with the ducks. I am impressed from a practical perspective that I can get under the slide to clean it so that water does not stay under it and develop mould. In fact practically I am very impressed. The water is easy to drain away as there is a very easy to use plug and I can access all different areas of the table to give it a wipe down clean.

Little Man of course loves it too and it's lovely to play with him. His favourite is the scoop. He likes watching the water fall through the holes in the scoop and he likes that he can throw water into the air to cover me in it!

 Whilst he loves throwing water at me, he also really loves the spinning wheel in the middle of the table. When there is lots of water in the table, it can hold 15l, this is fun for splashing and making waves. With less water it is still fun to spin round and see how fast you can make it spin.

We shall be making the most of our step2 table. Outside with water when it is warm and inside with the balls for when it is cold! Little Man certainly has a lot of fun playing!

All words are my own opinion, the table was sent in exchange for this review. 

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