Review : BRIO Labyrinth Wooden Ball Game

I can remember at primary school a wooden box which you turned the dials at the side and in doing so a marble moved around a maze at the top. The object of the game was to get the marble from start to finish without it falling in the holes placed around the maze. The game fascinated me. The competitive streak in me wanted to complete the challenge and I think I managed to do so only once.

The labyrinth game has been around since 1946 and has sold over 3 million copies. In fact I think most people at some point can  remember it. Whilst it looks easy, the game itself is a real challenge and one that appeals to both young and old.

As a child I always wanted the labyrinth game, more so I could practise and complete it, as it was one of those addictive challenges. A real test of mental strength and ability and a great way to improve concentration and fine motor skills. I wondered how the game would handle today's children, given how technology seems to have taken over the world of games.

I showed my 7 year old daughter the game and at first she looked at me in a rather puzzled look. Then she saw how I had a go and could not get the ball to the end. Her competitive streak took over and she was hooked. Trying to get the ball around the maze without it falling in the holes. She started concentrating on the task ahead. 

It is good to see her concentrating and thinking on something like this, rather than watching a computer after school. Even though she is concentrating she is also unwinding and it gives her a new focus after a busy day at school.  She hasn't managed to complete it yet but I know with her determination she will do!

Did you ever complete the game?

Thanks to Brio for sending the labyrinth to us for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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