Review : 5 SURPRISE

The girls absolutely love making videos of them unboxing and opening toys. I hear them pretending to do so and sometimes filming with their tablets. They wrap their own toys up in paper and then film opening them. When I heard about the new 5 SURPRISE toy from ZURU I knew these would be perfect for the girls to put their filming skills to the test.

5 SURPRISE are a new range of collectable toys and inside each are five exciting toys to collect. The main capsules are either blue or pink and they open into five separate segments. Each segment then contains a toy. Two segments are small and three are larger. There are thousands of different combinations of toys and the segments contain anything from slime, to jewellery and glitter pens.

5 SURPRISE are priced at £5.99. I think they make a good pocket money or reward toy. One of the nice things about 5 SURPRISE is the collect-ability so it opens up the chance to swap with friends. 

The girls decided to make two videos in the end. One unwrapping the blue 5 SURPRISE and the other the pink. I shall add them to the post shortly [YouTube is taking forever to upload!]

The girls loved the highlighter pens from the pink 5 SURPRISE but my youngest favourite was the slime in the blue 5 SURPRISE and my eldest loved the ninja in her blue 5 SURPRISE. Given a choice between the pink and blue both girls have said they would want a blue 5 SURPRISE again.

We were sent the 5 SURPRISE to review, all words are my own opinion. 

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