A summer adventure

Back in 2012 I visited Stockeld Park for the very first time. My eldest daughter was 2 years old, my youngest in a pushchair and Little Man hadn't been born. In fact it became one of the very first blog posts I wrote, and since then we have returned several times.

Even though we have visited in the past Stockeld park never looses its charm or its appeal. Every time we visit there seems to be something new to see or do, as well as our favourites. Our adventures started with the maze. You would think completing it previously we would know the way but we still end up lost!

The girls wanted to explore every aspect of the maze as they were looking for the buckets and spades hidden inside. I won't say how many we did find, there is a strong chance we counted some more than once! There is plenty to see and do inside the maze as well so it keeps even the smallest of children entertained.

Last time we visited Little Man was a baby and so didn't do many of the activities, this time however he was into everything. The magic of Stockeld park seemed to take over.

There are more play areas in the Enchanted forest from our previous visits and the girls seemed to love these just as much as Little Man. As we walked around the forest looking at the interactive elements we would stop at each play area for the children to run around. I think their favourite was the animal themed one and it was here we also stopped for our picnic.

Little Man spent most of his time digging in the sand. He loves digging and loves rocks, he was in his element. When the heat got too much, he would go and play with the sand in the shade before coming back out again. Running around through the sand with a big grin on his face. His sisters happily playing on the wooden play structures. 

 Little Man seemed to enjoy his ice cream as we took it easy on one of the swings, before continuing around the Enchanted forest again

Given it was the school summer holidays I was really surprised at how quiet the park felt. Yes there were other people around but it never felt busy. My children never seemed rushed to hurry up on any of the attractions and we could walk around at our own leisurely pace. 

We had left the inflatable and outdoor play area for last. It had been a very hot day and had opted to use the shade of the Enchanted forest over lunch in a hope that the areas in full sun would be cooler by the late afternoon. It appeared to have worked and we enjoyed the outdoor play area in the cooler afternoon sun. 

The outdoor bouncing pillow was even cool enough to have some fun on. This was a firm favourite of all 3 of my children!

We arrived at opening time and left at closing, one of the last cars out of the car park. The day had gone by really quickly but we had done everything at out own pace. Never once rushing or feeling under pressure. It was a beautiful day in the sunshine and I drove home with three happy children who had had a magical day full of adventure.

This day I love a Summer adventure

Stockeld park invited us to visit, however all words are my own opinion. 

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