Bandai Smooshy Mushy Series 3 Review

The girls finished school with fantastic end of year reports and huge praise from their school. It was only fair that I gave them both a treat for working hard throughout the school year and for good behaviour at school too. I decided on the new series 3 range of Smooshy Mushy (Creamery Core Pets) from Bandai. Judging by the looks on the girls faces I had got their treat spot on!

They eagerly opened their Smooshy Mushy (Creamery Core Pets) to discover a Smooshy Mushy character inside. The girls love these soft, squishy characters and then became even more excited that each were scented.

As well as the large outer ice cream there was also a smaller ice cream cone inside. This contained small metal chains so to make the small ice cream into a keyring. Perfect for the new school year and their book bags. 

Each larger ice cream also contained a smaller Smooshy Mushy Besties character. The key chain could also be added to either the larger or the smaller Smooshy Mushy character, which the girls love the idea of adding them to all their bags. The girls seem to love the idea that there is an Ultra Rare Snow Lepoard and Rare Black Corgi to collect too!

Little Man however seemed confused by the whole experience. He saw what looked like an ice cream, and to be fair to him it is really realistic, but it definitely did not taste like an ice cream!

I did treat him to an ice cream afterwards!

The Bandai Smooshy Mushy Series 3 were sent for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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