A Lego adventure in Scarborough

We decided to make the most of the warm sunny school holiday and head to Scarborough for the day. A day playing at the beach and exploring the North Bay sounded perfect. I bundled the kids into the car and made the 2 hour car journey to the North Yorkshire coast. The girls wanted to do the SeaLife centre first before spending the rest of their day playing on the beach. I agreed with the idea, as the girls could then spend all afternoon playing in the sand as the temperatures start to cool down

Little Man seemed to remember the last time we came and as soon as the car engine stopped he started pointing 'choo choo' and repeating over and over. I love the North Bay railway and have many happy memories from my childhood riding the train, so we headed over to take the train to the SeaLife centre.

The girls were in for a real treat as they were given the opportunity to help couple the train and to sit on the engine too. Oh and even wear the drivers hat!

I cannot get over how grown up my eldest looks in this photo!

We entered SeaLife and became Lego Ocean Explorers. A Lego diver had lost pieces of equipment in the centre and we needed to find them.

We searched high and low, looking in each of the tanks. The diver had lost quite a lot of his equipment. Some easier to spot than others, and some easier to work out than others too. It turns out it wasn't just 'diving' equipment he had lost either.

The girls and Little Man searched every tank and every exhibit. They searched every section they could to be certain they hadn't missed anything. 

Some species you had an idea that the Lego pieces wouldn't be there. I knew there would not be any Lego in with the Octopus, as their curiosity would get the better and they would break them. This in itself got me wondering what exactly an octopus would do with Lego. We continued searching in the tanks, my youngest daughter asked if this was made of Lego. 

The penguins are my favourite animals to visit at Scarborough SeaLife. Walking though their enclosure is such a wonderful experience. They didn't come to play today, which was a shame but we did get to watch them playing under the water!

After visiting the Seals we headed back inside to continue our Lego quest. We had taken a brief pause to play pirate golf which is included in the admission to the centre. Back inside we made our way through the tunnel, Little Man could not work out why the fish were swimming so close but yet he couldn't touch them.

After finding all the hidden pieces we were looking forward to playing in the brick pit and creating our own masterpieces but unfortunately we had arrived too late. I would recommend doing this part first and we know for the future. The girls had successfully found all the missing dive equipment and were awarded with their very own Lego minifigure!

We took the train back to North Bay and played on the beach after having some dinner. The girls and Little Man had had a wonderful day, so much so that Little Man fell asleep from such a fun filled day out. I think the sea air perhaps helped!

To see our day in Scarborough you can watch our video:

Thank you to SeaLife for inviting us to visit, we were provided with free entry. All words and opinions are my own. 

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