L.O.L Surprise Biggie pets

The girls love L.O.L surprise, and often whilst we are shopping will ask for one as a treat. Whenever they do get one they also ask to make unboxing videos for them, it seems they love to be on camera too! They returned home from a day out with Grandma to a surprise waiting for them. A new L.O.L surprise, the new Biggie Pets.

The girls opened up the box to discover accessories that could be used for both them and their Biggie Pet. Bracelets, necklace and their Eye Spy Series spy glasses. The glasses are used to unlock more surprises. Written in code they decipher to unlock even more in the L.O.L surprise. One of the items even doubles as a carry handle for the L.O.L surprise ball, which my eldest is now using as a bag!

The girls eagerly opened the L.O.L surprise ball to find inside their Biggie Pet. The Biggie Pet can be used as a money box and also a backpack! They opened the pet to discover lots of surprises inside.

The 3 containers each contained either a baby or a food baby. The idea was to place the container in water to then reveal the baby or food baby, but you will have to watch our video to see how the girls opened them and what was inside! Did we have 2 or 3 babies? Did we have food babies? The pink parcels each contained accessories for the Biggie pets and some secret messages which we needed our eye spy glasses for!

Each L.O.L surprise Biggie pets is priced at £36.99 and would make a lovely birthday or Christmas gift. The girls love that they can use the Biggie Pet as a backpack or as a money box. The additional accessories which can be used either for them or for their Biggie Pet is a great feature too. 

You can watch the girls unbox the Biggie Pet here

Item was sent for review, all words are our honest opinion. 

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