PAW Patrol Live

Little Man loves PAW Patrol, and by love I really do mean love. He wakes up and after asking for his Grandma he then asks for PAW Patrol. He can recognise and name all the characters and we watch the show on repeat. At two years old he was not aware of where we were going but I was excited to see his reaction.

We drove to Leeds and collected our tickets from the arena. Little Man took his seat next to his sister and then turned and saw the stage. He looked, then looked at me and looked again. 'PAW Patrol' he said. Then he clapped and his little legs started bouncing. 

He kept tapping me asking when PAW Patrol would start. His little face lit up when the pups came on stage and his little legs kept bouncing.

The show lasts for 85 minutes, and follows the adventures of the PAW Patrol as they head over Adventure Bay on a treasure hunt. The audience help the Pups to solve clues and there was even a surprise visit from a special pup, which made my youngest daughter rather happy!

The show had Little Man engrossed from start to finish. He asked for more when the interval came on and when the show finished he didn't want to leave his seat. The problem I have now is that every time we get in the car he asks for PAW Patrol and is incredibly disappointed when we end up somewhere else, unless it is Grandma's house of course!

Our tickets were provided in exchange for this post. 

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