May, June, July Running Update

I have just switched the computer on to write my July running update, and realised I have not yet written May or June. No idea how that has happened so I must apologise. The past few months have gone from crazy busy to quiet on the running front. In fact I don't have a single race booked in August, and can honestly say I cannot remember the last time that happened.


May started with a milestone run for my daughter and I. She completed her 10th adult parkrun and I completed my 50th. It was amazing to run together and achieve the milestone on the same day. She makes me laugh with her running as she sprints then stops, then sprints then stops and repeats. I think her time will only get better as she runs more and stops less.

In a bid to keep up my fitness and in addition to running I have started cycling more with the kids. Some times I cycle with them and others I run alongside them. It is very stop start but it is better than doing nothing. I also love a weekly spin class, and have to say the instructors choice in music is spot on.

Windmill 6 had been postponed in March due to the snow. When I ran it last year it was heavy rain and wind and this year was the complete opposite, bright sunshine and hot weather! I am not sure what has happened at the minute but I have been struggling to run. I enjoyed the course again but just couldn't seem to get going. It did however result in one of my favourite ever running photographs, which was taken by Steve Frith who is raising money for Woodhead Mountain Rescue.

May saw club runs and training runs. The warm weather made running hard work but still a welcome change to the snow. Training began for the Barnsley Boundary and whenever possible I would run a recce run of my section to ensure I knew the route well.

One of the highlights of the month is Liverpool Rock n Roll. We make a weekend of it as a family and have fun exploring Liverpool as well as running! This year was no different with a weekend spent in the city.

I ran a 5km race on the Saturday and then spent the rest of the day relaxing and exploring Liverpool with the kids. Little Man had a sleep on the grass and the girls watched people take on the inflatable course. The day just seemed to pass us by. The 5km course had been different to the one I had run the year before. I had felt pleased with how it had gone and happy that I seemed to be able to run again, given how previous weeks had gone.

Day 2 of the weekend is the half marathon followed by the fun run mile with the kids. The half marathon loops around the city taking in the sights before making its way out to a country park and over to Penny Lane. The first 10 miles are great. There is plenty of support, plenty of regular music and a great atmosphere. Then you hit the waters edge and it all seems to disappear. Those last 3 miles are just horrible and they caught me again. I vowed there not to do this race again next year. 

Luckily I made it back to do the fun run with the kids. Little Man had been crying whilst I had been running as he had missed me. I gave him a cuddle and he fell asleep. Just what you need before a run. Still we went out and we ran our mile. It is a shame to not be doing it again next year but I think I need a change.

I spent the rest of May running more boundary runs to ensure I fully knew the route. I will admit I did get lost on one of them. 

I continued to help out at Nostell parkrun and run it occasionally. This is one of my favourite photos of Nostell. The best seat in the house!

The girls took part in a test run for a new junior parkrun and are now regulars at the event. As the weather was also improving I took to the fells and had a play off road. I must admit I love it a lot more, even if I get chased by sheep!


June began the same was as May, with parkrun. RD duties this time. Seemingly whenever I RD it rains, any other day there is sun. Whatever the weather it is still one of my favourite places. 

I said my farewell to the Ramathon in June. It changed its name and ownership a few months ago, had I not already signed up I would not have gone even though it was my favourite race. I use was now, although the route has stayed the same the whole feeling around the race has changed completely. It was sad saying goodbye to somewhere that holds so many memories for me, but onwards and upwards. 

Barnsley Boundary took place and I am pleased to say I didn't get lost. I really enjoy the route and still run it regularly.

Another run that I did last year was the school run. A run with spectacular views and I even managed a PB. 

I managed some fun runs in June, even getting to run my favourite run Trunce

After take part in the trial run of the new junior parkrun, the girls also took part in the first event. It was a great success and we try to run there whenever we can.

One of the most brutal but yet amazing races I have ever done took part in June. The Pennine Barrier 50. My full race report can be found here. I think I am still on a high from this run, although I am not sure my legs have forgiven me yet.

If one Ultra a month wasn't enough I decided to go for my second of the month at Endure 24. Things didn't go quite to plan and you can read more here

I must have done something right at Endure because I ended up in a gif! See if you can spot me!!


There was only one other way to start July, well after the Endure 24 festival and that was with a timed challenge! This challenge saw over 30km of running. The route took you round Doncaster and was split into stages. Meaning you ran the timed sections and then did whatever you liked in the none timed bits. The total time was taken into consideration for the winner and not who crossed the line first.

It was a really tough route. The walking between timed sections really got to me at times and made the restart in running harder. Not knowing the distance between timed points also played a part. Had I known it was 1km I would have pushed a lot harder. Some sections were short and others over 10km in length. I am still undecided if I would do it again.

Another beautiful run with scenic views is the Toss O'Coin race. Another PB for me on that route and another stunning view.

The girls broke up for summer and with that training has taken a slight twist. Running during the day is now alongside them on the bike, more often though running takes place at club or in the evening. We still get our weekly parkrun fix together.

Even on our weekend away in London we managed a parkrun and she did her first spot of tourism. She was the only junior there and I could not have been more proud of her!

Whilst there might not be any races planned for August, it is still pretty busy with the school holidays. We are hoping to do some more parkrun tourism and of course the countdown to Berlin and Chicago marathons has begun! If you would like to learn a little more about my running journey you can read my interview over on a Beautiful space 

As the heat continues to rise I have also been experimenting with new ways to stay hydrated. On my long runs I am still using Active Root, as it helps to replace the lost electrolytes. I tried a protein water drink from Asda recently as a way to help increase my protein but it did not agree with me. Purdey’s is a multivitamin energy drink which I have been trying. It contains a combination of carbonated spring water, fruit juice, vitamins and natural plant extracts and offers a cleaner alternative to the established energy drinks brands. I cannot take the more established energy drinks so this has been a great option for me. 

In a bid to keep the kids hydrated I have been carrying Squash’d in my bag. Then when we are out and about I buy a bottle of water and squeeze a small amount in. The kids prefer the taste of juice and will keep themselves hydrated when we are out. I have also noticed that their moods improve when they drink more. It is a simple way to keep the kids hydrated and takes up little room in a bag. 

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