Review : Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit

My youngest daughter loves Squishy and collectable characters, she also loves to be creative. When I heard about the smooshins surprise maker kit I immediately thought it would be something she would want to try. The smooshins surprise maker kit provides over 10,000 different combinations and you can purchase additional colour pouches and moulds so the surprise maker can be used again and again.

Whilst the instructions are really clear and easy to follow I am rather grateful that the Surprise maker kit comes with a practise colour pouch. Our first 2 attempts were unsuccessful, which is why in the video the kids are wearing different clothes! On one of our attempts we did not mix the colour enough. You have 90 seconds to mix all the colour together. In another attempt we took too long to squeeze the colour into the maker, you only have 30 seconds to do so. 

The maker also lights up different colours in an attempt to guide you through the process.

We were very much third time lucky.

It is really important to fully pop the colour pouch and then mix it within the allocated time, followed by squeezing the colour before it hardens. A top tip would be to make full use of the practise pouch that comes with the kit, as it really does give you an idea of what to do. We also found that the longer you leave in the mould the better the product is. We left in the maker for 4 hours and then left it in the mould overnight. 

The girls talk through step by step how to make a Smooshin here

Now we know what to do and have had practise runs it is actually a lot quicker and simpler than the first time we did it. The girls really enjoy making the Smooshins and the extra surprise of not knowing what the character will be like really helps add to the magic. It is also great that additional moulds and colour pouches can be purchased so that you can continue to use the surprise maker kit once the supplied materials have been used up.

Smooshins are a really cute collectable toy, and the added mystery of not knowing what they will look like adds a whole element of fun to the creating process. My girls aged 8 and 6 really enjoyed making them and could do so with very minimal help. They are wanting to make some more so I am going to have to buy some more colour pouches for them.

The Smooshins maker was sent for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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