Lotherton Hall - Christmas Experience

Last night we were very kindly invited to Lotherton Hall to visit their Christmas Experience and whilst I have not been asked, or paid, to write a post I wanted to share our experience because it just gets better every year!

In fact this is our third visit to Lotherton Hall so imagine my surprise when I open the leaflet of the experience to discover a photo of the girls inside! I loved it, the girls loved it and we were already on a huge high as we stepped out of the car.

Experience has taught us that Father Christmas can get busy so we headed over to the North Pole first. Armed with our tokens, it was one token each to gain entry and our elf showed us the way through the magical North Pole to the elves workshop.

Inside the workshop the girls helped the elves to make reindeer food, which I was really pleased to see contained no glitter and was really bird seeds but shhh we won't tell the girls that, the elves were all super friendly and helpful. Once finished it was time to make our way over to see Father Christmas. He was waiting for us in a clearing in the forest and it looked super magical. My eldest did ask where his wish stick was this year, last year he had a magical wishing pole, but we explained we were here as a treat and so it probably was still in the North Pole.

After visiting Father Christmas we went to the elves village to make baubles. There were other crafts available but it was one token per craft activity and we only had one left.

This year the elf village also had local stalls selling some hand made products, so we did a spot of Christmas shopping. There was also warm drinks and food so we purchased these before heading into the woods.

The twelve days of Christmas walk seems to get better every time we visit it. Yes some of the days are the same exhibit but some of them change. In fact we don't mind that some of them stay the same because they are all fun and hands on. The girls look forward to the rings and the drummers, and I think if these changed they would be disappointed. You probably saw my instagram stories from last night of us marching through!

At the end of the twelve days is the fairy dell. Little Man was memorised by this. He could hear all the noises of the fairy village but could not work out where they were coming from. Watching his face trying to work it all out was priceless. The girls walked him through and showed him all the little fairy houses. 

By the time we had done all of these the Hall itself had closed for the night, which is a shame as we love to go in and look at the beautifully decorated tree and hall. Maybe next year? 

Lotherton Hall Christmas experience just gets better every year, we spent 3 and half hours walking round and could have spent a lot longer. My 2 year old enjoyed it just as much as my 8 year old so there is something for the whole family. The experience runs from the 23rd November until the 23rd December and in my opinion is simply magical. Look out for my girls in the leaflet if you do go!

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