Winter Car safety checks

Winter is fast approaching and with it the added expense of Christmas. Winter seems to be an expensive time of year. We switch on our heating to warm our homes, which adds to the expense. It is perhaps no surprise that we put a lot of important issues, like our cars, to the bottom of the to-do list.

The first thing to do, which is relatively inexpensive, is have a winter emergency supply box. This could contain items such as a blanket, deicer, scraper, Torch and batteries, snacks and water, first aid kit and gloves. Items can be stored in a box or bag and kept in the boot of the car. You don’t have to spend much money either to have a winter supply box and it could be very valuable should you need it.

It’s also important to perform basic winter checks on your car. These can either be performed at a local car garages, or one of the larger known brands. Some checks can be performed at home following the car manufacturers handbook. 

Tyres are perhaps the easiest check to perform at home. Having the correct tyre pressure and tread are key to staying safe on the roads in the wintry conditions. With the variable climate here in the UK it is worth keeping up to date with tyre checks to ensure safety on the road.

Whilst it is possible to check your car battery at home it is worthwhile taking it to a specialist to be looked at. Not only does the cold weather put strain on the car battery, we also put additional strain using the heaters and other electrical devices inside the car. It is always worth keeping a set of jump leads in the car just in case the car battery hasn’t recently been checked and the cold weather does put too much strain on it. Local garages such as Jet Wheel Tyres in Essex can replace your car battery if needed. 

The windscreen wash fluid and antifreeze levels need to be checked more often during the winter months. The wet weather, dirt and road salt means the windscreen wipers are used more often, and without enough screen wash there is a risk of smearing grime across the windscreen. Which could lead to reduced visibility.

Many of these checks are relatively simple and quick to perform. Most can even be done at home by following the car manufacturer's handbook. Others require the car to be taken to a garage. However you choose to undertake them it is worth keeping up to date with winter checks, in order to ensure your car is as safe as possible in the unfavourable wintry conditions. 

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