Renovation plans

We have seen some big renovations to our house this year, although some of it wasn’t planned! Throughout last year I picked up items as I saw them to do the main bathroom. That was always the plan this year, to replace the main bathroom. Just the items in it, so the flooring and tiles were all staying but the actually suite was to be replaced, at least that was the plan. Towards the end of 2017, as I had just about purchased the items for the main bathroom, the En suite broke. By broke I mean broke, the sink cracked and could not be used, the toilet cracked and leaked and the shower was always a hazard waiting to happen. 

The question now was how to we finance what is actually two big renovations, but also how do we plan all the work that needs doing. We had to organise Plumbers, decorators, tilers and plasterers, not to mention the electrician too. This was no longer a simple replacement job but a renovation on a bigger scale.

I shopped around as best I could for the suite to be put into the en suite, it wasn’t easy given I hadn’t budgeted to do this but I managed it. Sites like really helped with the budgeting. They gather quotes from thousands of tradesman in every field to give a realistic expectation of what costs are going to be involved in the renovation work I needed doing. Using this tool also meant I could spread out the work, as I had accurate estimates as to what I would need to spend each month.

Whilst it hadn’t been planned both the ensuite and bathroom were completed on time and within budget, thanks to accurate estimates and careful planning. Our next renovation project next year is my youngest daughters bedroom. I cannot wait to transform this into a room for a young girl, and one with a very specific requirement. She wants rainbow, unicorns!!

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