Travel plans for 2019

In an attempt to be organised for next year I am starting to put together our travel plans. These are both wish list and those we already have booked. I find it helps to plan ahead, especially when I am also having to plan around school holidays and my races. Although several of our holiday plans are involved around running too, much I think to the annoyance of my husband. With that in mind here are the plans for next year

Early in the year we are looking to take a short UK break with the whole family. This is to celebrate several family members who all have milestone birthdays. Whilst we don’t have definite plans in place as to where we want to go we are looking at somewhere where we can all easily get to, we live all over the UK so it can be a logistical nightmare, and we are looking for a weekend break and also one which has plenty for the kids to do too! I am sure we can find somewhere and I have been using the website ClickStay to help me find the perfect location and accommodation.

For Easter I am hoping to spend some time with my sister who lives near Brighton. It also happens to be at the same time that Brighton marathon is taking place so it makes perfect sense to me to spend some time with my sister and tick off a marathon that is on my bucket list. 

Our travel plans for May have now had to change. We were due to go on a Disney cruise around the Caribbean but after I secured a place running New York marathon in November the cost of two transatlantic flights just were not in our budget. Instead we will combine the cruise with New York and make a multi city vacation out of it. Hotels in New York are already booking up fast with the marathon taking place and so I am looking for a modern apartment in the heart of New York that can accommodate my family instead. In booking an apartment we have a home from home, giving us flexibility whilst we stay in New York. We only plan on a few days in New York following the cruise and as one of the days is the marathon we are simply looking for a good central location to act as a base so we can make the most of our time in the city.

Given our plans for May have now changed I am once again looking at somewhere to go. The girls are expecting a break in May and were really looking forward to the cruise. It might be that we go abroad to somewhere like Spain or Portugal or we might stay closer to home. There is the Edinburgh marathon at the start of the holidays in May so a trip to Scotland could even be considered!

Depending on what we do in May will decide if there is any money left in the budget to go on holiday again during the summer holidays. We might visit my sister once again or even take a couple of weekend breaks. I usually leave the summer holidays to the last minute to see if I can grab any bargains!

Wherever we end up travelling to I can see us having lots of adventures and it is safe to say that 2019 is shaping up to be pretty exciting already!

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