Four gift rule : For My girls

I do struggle to buy for the girls, they change their minds on the presents they would like, often dictated by the latest TV advert. I wanted to try and stick as best I could to the four gift rule:

Something they need

Something they want

Something to read

Something to wear

Something they Need

This is perhaps the hardest category to fill. The girls need clothes and PJ, but they come under the something to wear category. Same I guess as shoes and wellies, which they both need but also come under something to wear.  In the new year I am planning on decorating both girls bedrooms and have wrote about my plans for my youngest bedroom. My eldest would like a Harry Potter theme and so as a result they both need new bedding and furnishings for their bedrooms. I really like the look of this one

Something they Want

My youngest daughter loves Disney and Beauty and the Beast. The enchanted Rose light from Paldone is simply beautiful and something I know she will love. She loves lights, having several night lights on her bedside already and this one will make a wonderful addition. The light is powered by USB, but this cannot be plugged into the mains, instead I plugged it into my tablet to power it. Even with out the light on it is still really pretty and my youngest daughter is sure to love it. To activate when it is plugged in you push down on the dome and the same again to switch off. 

Something to Read

We love to read and on Christmas eve I always give the girls a new book which we read before bed. This year I am giving the girls a pair of books which really compliment each other, whilst also working as stand alone books. Hedgehogs Don't Live in the City! and also the debut book Parrots Don't Live in the City! from doodles and scribbles an independent book publisher. These books are beautifully illustrated and tell a lovely story by publishing duo Lucy Reynolds and Jenna Herman.  In addition to the story at the end of each book is a double page spread on facts on each animal. There are also things to find within each story which adds to book. I cannot wait to share the books with the girls on Christmas eve

Something to Wear

After our visit to the Frugi store in Leeds the girls have been asking for Frugi dresses and clothes. My youngest in particular loves wearing dresses and she loves all the bright patterns. She has asked for a few of their dresses for Christmas and in particular the one with the penguin on. The jumper dress is perfect for winter. Warm and cosy inside and as it is a dress the extra length also provides extra warmth on her body too.

I have purchased some of the items in this guide and been gifted others, however I would have purchased them. I decided to put the gift guide together and have received no other payment except product.

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