Gel-A-Peel's Crafty Christmas

Gel-A-Peel is a patent pending innovative gel which allows kids to be crafty and creative. It is incredibly simple to use, squeeze the tube to release the gel, either draw freehand or around a template to create a design, leave to dry and then peel your design. The designs are then set and are ready to go.

Gel-A-Peel challenged us to get crafty this Christmas. Using one of their Mega Rainbow kit what could we design for Christmas. 

The girls decided to make some Christmas crackers. Using some templates we had they got to work with their Gel-A-Peel to make them more colourful!

The hardest part was choosing which colour to use. The Gel-A-Peel tubes have a small lid inside the main tube which needs to be removed and then a nozzle attached. There are three different types of nozzles, small hole, star and scrape. Each produce different patterns and the girls liked experimenting with each one. 

Once the crackers were coloured in we left them to dry overnight. The Gel from the Gel-A-Peel hardens, although it still has a soft texture to it, and made for some very colourful decorations. As you can peel the gel away from the surface, although it takes some peeling from clothes and fabric so be a little careful, we decided to then draw round some templates to make some decorations too. 

The naughty elves might have also got hold of the Gel-A-Peel because we also have some drawings appear of the patio doors. Not to worry the gel peels straight off and looks rather festive too [although they might not be the best artists!]

We would love to know what you create with your Gel-A-Peel!

Thanks to Gel-A-Peel for challenging us this Christmas and sending us the kit to get creative.

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