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We've had a real treat this Easter bank holiday weekend with the glorious sunny weather. The grass has been cut, the decking swept and we've enjoyed some time outdoors. We've even managed to have a few BBQ. I say enjoy time outdoors, it's been the first time since the winter and with it I notice lots of jobs to do. Is it just me that sits in the garden and notices all the little jobs that need doing? The jobs you don't normally notice from inside the house. I've now got a huge list that need doing.

Take the kids playhouse for example. Normally on a day to day basis I wouldn't give it a second thought. Yet sitting here in the garden I notice that it could do with a fresh coat of paint. The house was last painted before the arrival of little man, so it's at least 4 years. Sections are cracked and fading due to the sun. From the kitchen window you don't see this but up close you can see it needs doing. There's a section that needs repairing where one of the shutters has come loose and the windows could do with a bit of a clean. In fact all the windows on the house could do with a clean. 

The weather before this glorious sunshine was wet and windy and I've been wanting to get out to see if the wind had caused any damage. Having not ventured into the garden until this weekend I hadn't noticed the smashed roof tiles on the ground. There's only a few,maybe three at the most it's hard to tell. This now means I have to look for a roofer to assess the damage even further. It could just be a couple of tiles or it could be something more. There's no leaks in the house so I'm hoping it's a quick and simple job to repair.

Many of the jobs I'll do myself or my Dad will often help me. In fact my Dad helps me quite a lot. Working on the roof however needs a specialist and for that I'd use a site like Rated People where I can check the credibility of their work. Fixing the roof is probably a priority now the weather's got a bit warmer, just in case more tiles need removing. I wouldn't want tiles removing in the cold or rain.

There are other jobs to do in the garden now the summer is on its way. I'd love to be able to create a space for the children to play and for us to create a better link between the house and garden. I've had a few quotes to remove some of the older decking and replace it with artificial grass which would be the first step towards creating this outside space.

Let's hope the weather stays nice for a little longer so I can at least get the roof fixed and tick a couple of jobs off the list.

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