Review : Micro Motorz

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Micro Motorz are a new toy car collectable. The blind bag has three chambers, highlighted with a racing 3, 2, 1 and each contain a different item. The first chamber contains a tool to go with the car and the information leaflet. Chamber 2 has a tuning accessory and finally chamber 3 contains the Micro Motorz. 

Each Micro Motorz comes in a clear storage container. These can be stacked to neatly store your collection or build towers as Little Man likes to do. There are 20 cars to collect in the first series which includes six Nitro Chargerz, three regular Nitro Chargerz and three rare ones. Three regular Hot Rodz and three rare ones and finally the ultra-rare Monster Treadz.

The capsule can be adapted to to become a launcher for the Micro Motorz to launch them across the floor. At first attempt it was a little tricky to do this but once we had figured it out it is actually really straight forward. 

Micro Motorz are a lovely pocket money toy and great collectable. The girls and Little Man all play with them and have lots of fun. The cars themselves are well built and I even store one in my bag for when we are out and about to keep Little Man entertained. 

The girls have put together a short video of them unboxing 4 Micro Motorz, take and look and see which ones they get!

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