A new bedroom for my youngest daughter

This post contains items from Murals Wallpaper which were gifted to include in this post.

My youngest daughters bedroom was one of the first to be decorated when we moved into our house. At the time she was a baby and her room was decorated as a nursery not really knowing her personality or likes at this point and whilst it was nicely decorated it wasn't really 'her'. She's now older with a mind of her own and very strong opinions of what she likes. Her favourite colour is rainbow and sparkles, in other words she likes them all and that to some extent is her, she's loving, caring and if you could stereotype a young girl then she would fit that mould perfectly.

Her room therefore now needs to reflect her and last her until the very least her teenage years. I have spent hours on pinterest looking at ideas for her room. Coming up with plans and then changing them at the last second. Murals Wallpaper contacted me and offered to work with me, perfect timing. The hard part was still to follow, picking a design.

My youngest daughter scrolled through the site looking at all the different designs. She kept swapping and changing her mind as there are lots to choose from, that is until she saw a pink paper with stars on. She didn't change her mind again after seeing this paper and so I could now plan the rest of her room around it. 

Ordering is really easy, measure the wall you are wanting the paper for and place an order with those dimensions. The print is made to fit exactly in those dimensions, so I measured several times before submitting the order. The paper arrives rolled in a cardboard tube and contains very clear instructions about what tools you need and how to hang the paper.

The whole mural is printed on to one sheet of paper, but to make things easy you are clearly shown where to cut each piece. No need to measure out each piece and no need for a pasting table.

In addition each drop is clearly labelled so if you do want to cut all the pieces in advance you also know which piece is next. Making the whole process a lot easier than using standard wallpaper.

In fact the whole process was really simple. It took approximately 30 minutes to paper the whole wall. That also includes having to find another pasting brush as one snapped. The paper feels really good quality and thick, so you can move and re position it without worrying too much about it tearing. The paste used is paste the wall so this removes the need for a pasting table. I bought ready mixed paste to make it even easier.

My daughter saw her bedroom for the first time this morning and her reaction was 'wow, I love it'. The mural design was exactly what she had seen online and had chosen. I used a grey glitter paint for the remaining walls to add extra sparkle. Her whole room has been transformed and suits her so much better.

Muralswallpaper has really made a difference to the room, giving it a an amazing feature wall that my daughter adores. The blind is on order and once it arrives I shall be putting up a YouTube video with the decorating and a room tour.

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