Common tyre myths

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Did you know there are a lot of common myths associated with car tyres? These myths can often lead us into car trouble, and given that tyres are one of the crucial parts of ensuring our car works it is important to ensure we separate fact from fiction when it comes to our tyres. Worst case scenario our tyres could contribute to an accident or cause us to break down on a busy city road.

One of the most common misconceptions is that a temporary spare tyre can be used as a regular tyre. A spare tyre is just that, a temporary tyre to get you safely to a garage to replace for a new tyre. They are for use in an emergency situation and to get you out of trouble. The main reason for this is the spare tyre does not provide the same amount of performance or grip as a regular tyre. The spare tyre is therefore more vulnerable to hazards in the road or other projectiles. As a general rule it is recommended that a spare tyre be used for a maximum of 70 miles and a speed no greater than 50 mph. The best advice is to have the right tyre for your vehicle and the driving conditions.  Let's say, for example, you are driving in London and the old tyre bursts, now you have to make use of an emergency spare tyre but if you continue to use it later too, it can be dangerous. In areas like London, you can take help of tyre depots in the area, such as DAT tyres

Many people rely on a Tyre pressure monitoring system to tell them if they need a new replacement. Whilst the Tyre pressure monitoring system will tell you about the pressure of the tyre it is not able to tell you about the overall tyre health. Overall tyre health is important as you can check for wear, or even any nails or punctures in the tyre and the best way to do this is to visually inspect the tyres. Checking the tread on the tyre is important to ensure adequate grip on the road surface.

A big common myth is that it is safe to drive and continue to use a tyre even if it is a little worn out. This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes. Tyres which are showing signs of wear and tyre including bulging need to be replaced. Even if you are unsure it is better to be safe and take your car to a local and reliable garage. Many local garages specialise in tyres and they would much rather you went to them to check out your tyre than have an accident.

Whilst these are the three most common myths on tyres there are many others. The best advice is to check your tyres regularly to ensure safe driving and if in doubt take your car to a local garage to check for you. 

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