The Magic Hatters Christmas Cracker Review

You may have read about our visit to William’s Den recently for the Christmas Den Experience, it was here that I met The Magic Hatter. He invited my children and I to watch his Christmas show in York. A family festive fun show full of magic and wonder, what is not to love. Especially when my eldest daughter loves magic tricks, I knew this would be a treat for them all to enjoy.

We made the short journey over to York one afternoon to a place called the Hive. I wasn’t sure what to expect and neither did the children, but they spotted Father Christmas walking across the car park and so were eager to follow him inside.

After a short wait we entered the theater, our seats were on the back row but we could still see the stage. We spotted The Magic Hatter making his way through the crowd saying hello and greeting people as they entered. I thought this was such a lovely thing to do and it made everyone feel very welcome indeed.

The set had a very definite Christmas theme to it. A log fire place, a warm cosy chair and plenty of Christmas decorations. The show began and the magic hatter introduced us to his elf who would assist throughout the performance. You could feel a buzz of excitement throughout the theater and immediately all the children were gripped.

I can’t remember the last time I watched a show which captivated children of all ages as much as this did. It soon became clear the Magic Hatter has rather a lot of hats, perhaps even more than I do and that is saying something. I was waiting to see what hat would come next, and even some of them I wanted to google to find out where they were from. 

My eldest daughter was watching all the magic tricks very closely, she said afterwards that they were soooo good Mummy I couldn’t figure them out. I think that is high praise indeed. She has talked endlessly about the mouse from the show. I guess I know which her favourite bit was. Her fear got to her however as she wanted to take part in the section of the show which asked for volunteers. Magic tricks are her thing and one day she will be brave enough to volunteer. She is disappointed in herself for not putting herself forward, I think more so that the ones who did got a little memento. 

As for Little Man, well, at three years old I wasn’t sure how much of the show he would follow or for that matter understand but I have never heard him laugh and giggle as much as he did watching the Magic Hatter. In fact if The Magic Hatter lived closer I would honestly hire him for a birthday party for my son, he had him that entertained. The show captivated him. Watching his face as candy canes appeared from nothing was wondrous. His giggle was infectious. He just loved it.

The show is a good mix of humour, festive fun and magic. It is suitable for children of all ages and as entertainers go The Magic Hatter is simply first class. I would definitely recommend watching the Magic Hatter Christmas show next year but be quick because tickets do sell out fast, I am not surprised either it was fantastic. 

Thank you for inviting us to the show.  

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