William's Den - The Christmas Den Experience

We were invited along to the preview event and provided free entry to William's Den.

There is a sense of magic in the air. December has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner. Each year I try to make Christmas as magical as I can for my children, and with three children from 3 years old up to 9 years it can often be a little tricky. My 3 year old has just begun believing in Father Christmas and my eldest child is now questioning his existence, which means wherever we go to visit Father Christmas it must be an authentic and enjoyable experience that will cater for both the new believer and those who are doubting.

An invite landed in my inbox and I let out a small squeal, one of my children’s favourite places was inviting us to the preview of their Christmas Den Experience. Whatever I had in my diary got quickly moved and I replied as fast as I could to say, Yes. I had to pinch myself that the email was real and that it was intended for me and the girls simply jumped up and down when I told them.

William's Den is adventure play attraction and in my personal opinion it lets kids be kids. It gives kids the chance to play and explore and discover the world about them just as I had done in my childhood. There are trees to climb, rope bridges to swing across, rocks to jump over, water and sand to play in. My three children adore it and there is a free range sense of freedom and fun the second you walk through the door. You can read more about our first visit to the Den here.

Our journey to the Den encountered very little traffic so we had time to get changed in the car, we had driven straight from school and spend some time playing in the Den before our Christmas Den Experience began.

A friendly elf collected us and took us to the elves workshop. A secret knock on the door, and the workshop was revealed. Simply magical. What a workshop indeed. We had been transported to the North Pole, piles and piles of presents lay in front of us either side of a giant Christmas tree. A log fire and comfy chair sat at the back of the room. The children all rushed to find a seat. 

The children all sat and listened to how the elves made the toys and were even shown some of the magic that goes into it. The children were called to the front and they all helped the elves get the presents ready for Christmas before singing a song. After an elf pledge they were all made elves and given a certificate.

Mother Christmas arrived as it was the elves snack time and each child was given a gingerbread to decorate along with icing and smarties. My three got very creative with their decorations. Mother Christmas and the elves kept coming round to each table to talk to every child and see how we were getting on.

Can we eat it? They all asked after they had finished decorating it. Of course I replied. As they tucked into their gingerbread Mother Christmas treated them all to a story. The elves sat and listened too.

It would appear that the smell of gingerbread appeals to Father Christmas as he came in the workshop next. The children's eyes all lit up and he gathered them round the fire to talk to them and find out what they would like for Christmas. 

Father Christmas agreed that the children had all been good and because they were all elves now they could help make a very special toy to take home with them. 

We returned back to our seats to begin making our bears. My three year old struggled with his sticky fingers to push the stuffing in the bear so I gave him a helping hand. Father Christmas gave each child a heart which is the heart of Christmas to place inside each of their bears and once finished the elves came and tied a ribbon on.

The whole experience lasted for 45 minutes. Everything seemed to just flow and at no point did we feel rushed or left wondering what to do. Everything was just at the perfect pace, even for a three year old. My youngest daughter even asked for more gingerbread afterwards as she said it was lovely and soft and some of the tastiest she has tried. I wouldn’t know I didn’t get to eat any as they all ate theirs far too fast!

The Christmas Den Experience was truly magical. This really was an experience and so much more magical than simply visiting Father Christmas in a Grotto. My children all enjoyed it and certainly created some amazing memories, it has made William's Den just a little bit more special to them. 

For full details of the Christmas Den Experience and to book tickets please visit this page.

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