Review : Undercover thief by H.T.King

The book was gifted but no other financial compensation has been received. 

When an email landed in my inbox in November about a book for 10+ with a strong female lead, I knew instantly it was a book I wanted my eldest daughter to read. Her favourite subject at school is Maths, she absolutely loves it and tries at all costs to avoid reading and instead do Maths. Whilst I don't want to force her to read I do want to encourage her, and I thought having a book sent to her would encourage this. I wasn't wrong.

My eldest daughter has been engrossed with the Undercover thief since the moment it arrived. A book just for her, I think it what sparked her interest but soon the story took over and she could not put it down. 

Book cover for undercover thief

Undercover thief follows the life of Pamela Torres. Pamela Torres is an exceptional and resilient character. At the age of nine her parents disappear and she has to be resourceful just to survive. At 14 her parents return and turn her world upside down. Her parents take her away from the loving family she is with, they just happen to be one of the most notorious bands of young thieves in the London Underground and enlist her in a Victorian institute. The institute is an American boarding school for spies. Her parents are government spies. Pam now has to keep her past a secret but how do you do that when your whole world is now full of spies!

The book is beautifully written and written in such a way that it inspired my otherwise shy reader to become more confident in her reading ability. It sparked an interest that when asked for homework to write a book review, or design a book cover she always chose to do this about Undercover thief. The one thing however that I loved the most, was that for world book day when she could choose absolutely any book she used her imagination and dressed up in what she thought the Undercover thief would wear.

Speaking as a mother that is all I need to know about what my daughter thought about the Undercover thief. To choose to dress up as the main character for World book day shows me that this book has been truly loved and well received by her. 

Thank you for sending the book to her and giving her confidence in her reading ability. 

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