Lockdown : week 2

Less structured learning took place this week. Less workbooks and more outdoor learning. We started in the garden planting seeds and our bee bombs. This section of our garden is for wildlife so we plant lots of wildflowers and let most of the plants plant themselves either from birds or the many squirrels that live in our garden. 

It was here we started to hunt for mini beasts with Little Man. Finding ones with legs and one without. Looking under rocks and branches and seeing what we could find. We found lots of worms and the girls asked why we have worms. This lead into some outdoorplay for the next day.

My youngest daughter had asked at the weekend how bubbles are made so this lead into our afternoon topic. We explored bubbles. We tried to make different shape bubbles, we tried to make different colour bubbles and then we talked about what happened. There was lots of giggling and lots of I wonder if we can do this. We even made bubble snakes.

Little man has really been wanting to draw and write this week so I have been making up ideas on the table for him for when he wants to do it. I don't force him he tends to just come and sit next to me and draw. He still switches hands though but his formation is starting to get very neat.

Our worm topic now started. First up talking about what we think we know about worms, then we made some worms out of various materials and finally the girls researched worms and put together a presentation on them. It was then time to set up our wormery.

The girls set up an experiment, do worms prefer green leaves or brown leaves? They wrote up a method, worked out what materials they would need and created a predication. The wormery and experiment were set up and the results are monitored every 24 hours.

Little Man surprised me with a picture. He doesn't normally draw actual pictures more just lines that are open to interpretation so to see an actual person and for him to tell me what it was was amazing and I love it too.

Our Friday started as it always does with PE with Joe Wicks but today was dress up day, the girls created their own costumes.

What then followed was a fun day. The girls did Easter related crosswords and word search puzzles. Followed by lots of playing outside which resulted in two very tired dogs.

Handstand challenges from gymnastics clubs, my eldest is really missing her training so we try to do some random challenge each day and I am doing my best to keep her fitness level up

A spot of yoga for Little Man who made me giggle as he told me he wanted to do Namaste, I didn't even know he knew that word but seemingly he is a yoga pro! 

We have started a bit of a tradition that on an evening after dinner we all sit down and watch a film together which gave me the perfect excuse to watch Joseph! To be fair the kids love it too so it was a win all around.

What then followed was a rather chilled weekend. Housework, sorting the baking cupboard out and finding a cake mix and lots and lots of jigsaw puzzles! We even washed the car. The kids all loved talking to their Grandparents and Auntie over video. Little Man in particular is struggling to understand why we can't go and see people so this was nice for him to be able to see them.

We survived week 2 and now we are entering what would have been the Easter holidays so have decided to take things more chilled. Let's see how it goes.

This day I love week 2

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