Lockdown week 9 : A week of decoration [Includes gifted product]

Last year I promised my eldest daughter I would decorate her bedroom for her. This year she turns 10 years old and is fast approaching her tween phase. Her room was last decorated 7 years ago and it is safe to say her tastes have changed in that time. From a toddler, to starting school and now at the end of her primary school years it was time for a change and a new start as she enters this new phase of her life.

Green wall bedroom

Her bedroom furniture she has had since she was three years old. It was a dark oak wood colour, I do not have the funds available at the moment to buy her new furniture and with nothing physically wrong with them it would seem a waste, instead we found some paint in the garage and gave them a new lease of life. My daughter did most of the painting herself and she is very pleased with the new look.

I decided to give her room a two tone colour and mural wall which was gifted from Murals Wallpaper. We settled on blues as this is one of her favourite colours, I scoured the internet for blue paint. Lockdown and the fact we are shielding meant I could not go out to buy paint so I had to find colours which I could have delivered. I managed to find two colours we agreed on and set to work on her room.

After painting the ceiling, mainly just to freshen it up I set to work with the first colour. We had decided to section the room just under the window so I painted to just over this line to ensure a clean line when I applied the darker colour on the lower half of the room. The paint had a 7 hour dry time in between coats so it took some time to complete two coats. Once the second coat had dried I taped the room ready for the darker colour.

Room taped ready for decorating

I was very conscious of adding such a dark colour to the room so to try and add a bit of sparkle to the room I added some glitter to the dark blue paint. 

Dark blue paint with glitter

The darker colour had a similar dry time to the lighter one and also took two coats. Once the paint had dried it was time for the final element of the room, the mural. 

It was time to change the green wall that has been in her room for the majority of her life and update to something more tween.

Blank wall ready for paper

After unrolling my murals wallpaper I began by reading the very clear instructions and making sure I had everything I needed. The instructions were clear and simple to follow and gave me a full list of everything I would need. I had been lucky to find paste the wall paste to be delivered as many places were out of stock and after gathering everything together I was ready to make a start.

instructions for mural

I read the instructions several times and I will admit to feeling nervous as I stood on the step to hang the first piece of the mural. This wall was to be the focal point of her room and I want the room to last her for some time, so I wanted to get it right. I took my time and made sure I was happy with it and by the third piece I was feeling a lot more confident. The texture of the paper felt really strong and so I was not worried about it ripping as I moved it into position on the wall. 

Half wallpaper wall

I followed the instructions and before I knew it I was at the tricky point with the socket. I managed to cut around, and I was now on my final piece. Whilst I won't make a professional decorator any time soon I was really pleased with my efforts at creating a mural for my daughter.

Finished wall paper wall

I was really happy with how the mural tied in with the rest of the wall and how her room instantly felt more grown up. It might have taken a week but her whole room felt transformed and much more her. A room I wasn't expecting her to look so grown up in.

Child sitting on chair

The next day I was pleasantly surprised to see my wallpapering skills had passed the 24 hour test and the paper was still on the wall. We moved her furniture back in and her room matches her personality so well, it all tied together. 

Finished decorated room

The mural is just stunning and is certainly a focal point in her room ,which is exactly what I wanted. For a child that loves sport and adventure, a girl who is most certainly not into pink but prefers blues and greens I think her room is just perfect for her. I certainly feel it has gone from a child bedroom to a space perfect for my eldest daughter as she begins the next part of her life. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to Murals Wallpaper for gifting the mural wall for my daughter. We could not be more thrilled with the result. 

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