Review : The Tipple Twins and the gift

 For Halloween the girls received a copy of the book the Tipple twins and the gift. Aimed at children aged 8-12 it was age appropriate for both girls and something they would both enjoy,

Tipple Twins and the gift is a fun adventure book featuring a pair of identical twins that are drawn into a secret world of mystery and magic. My eldest child loves books featuring magic and wonder and so I knew this would be perfect for her. The text is written in such a way to captivate children and is only slightly spooky.

One of the wonderful things about the book is that the author, Michelle Cordara, is an identical twin herself. This shows in the book as she draws upon the special relationship that twins have but also how unique and individual they are too.

Tipple twins book cover

The book touches on history by featuring the Salem witch trials, which my daughters did not realise was a real thing. The way that the author weaves this into the story is incredible clever and done incredibly well. I personally feel it is a great touch to have this there, to add history into the book.

Both girls found the book really gripping and exciting. They even laughed in places, which is great to hear. The Tipple Twins and the gift is part of a series and I know the girls are looking forward to reading the others too.

The book was sent for the purpose on review, all words are our own personal opinion

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